Written By:

Reed Alvarado

When people talk about getting to where ever they are going it isn't just about how long it took them to get there. Transit is not just about finding the quickest way to get from point A to point B. It is a peek into what kind of society we live in. How we care for each other, how we learn from each other. In the age of division we see our selves in today we must persistent in searching for avenues of democracy.

Public transit is a service we provide because we are entitled to get where we need to go, and on any single bus or subway there are countless stories. I'm here to find those stories while you get wherever you're going. 

 Getting there is about the quality of your commute. We aren't algorithms. We are people and how we get where we are going shapes us as individuals and a society. This site helps shed light on the stories and people that make up our system and our city. Want to feel like you live in a community, public transit is a great place to start.