Getting There Guides


Sometimes leaving your car behind isn’t so easy…

It’s easy to leave your car at home if you have a subway or light rail station just outside your front door, but it can be much harder if you live in one of the many cities in the world that rely on a mix of buses, ride share, bikes, and scooters. The prospect of going car free can be daunting to say the least. Getting There Guides provide a clear and easy to digest breakdown of all the ways you can get to your favorite destinations without wasting your time sitting behind the wheel. Maybe you’re open to a bus ride, but don’t feel comfortable with urban cycling. Maybe you need you car for work, but want to leave it parked on the weekends. No worries! This report isn’t about getting you into commutes that make you uncomfortable, it’s about making the most of your time and exploring the possibilities of how you can engage with your city in a more social and environmentally-friendly way.



GettingThere Guide: $69

What the Getting There Guide Includes:

  • An in person or over the phone consultation discussing your mobility preferences (train, bus, bikeshare, rideshare, etc.) and experience with different forms of transportation as well as desired outcome for less car use (environmental, health reasons, improved social experience, etc.).

  • A breakdown of all immediate transit services within a 10 minute walk of your front door.

  • A detailed and “recommended route” of the top 5-7 destinations you go to each week (work, school, yoga, doctor, etc.).

  • An overall recommendation of how realistic it is, based on your specific needs and circumstances, to go car-free.